Doctor Love on Vacation


Doctor Love on Vacation with 500 FREE Spins! Join now to play the latest high-tech casino game, Dr. Love on Vacation with Free Slot Money! With just a few simple clicks of your mouse you can take a trip into the world of fantasy in the land of Dr. Flashy, gorgeous and hot bodied women who will gladly give you the slip on your way to their dirty, sensual and steamy bedroom!

In this exciting casino game, you’ll be presented with a stunning array of symbols as you choose from the first five symbols on the left side of the screen. Your goal is to make your selections at the right time and place your icons on the symbols that match your initial choice best. The main challenge is to not click on the wrong symbol which will cost you some points and possibly your chances for winning. Each level is themed with Doctor Love symbols making it even more fun and unique.

When you win a round, you’ll be shown a screen containing five reels with Doctor Love symbols that you must click in order to advance to the next round. There are two ways to win: cash and credits. You can use real money to purchase credits which you can later exchange for actual cash when you’re ready to leave. Alternatively, you can accumulate the maximum number of credits possible which can be traded for cash after you have reached the maximum number of available credits. There are several levels in the Dr. Love on Vacation slot machine and you’ll find the one you want most challenging – and the one with the biggest payout – by playing at the “max bonus” slot.