Dwarfs Gone Wild


The popular computer game “Dwarfs Gone Wild” is a unique game in that it combines the fun of a casino game with the action and random chance of a free roll. In this game, gamers take on the role of dwarf fishers who must explore the mystical underground passages of their beloved dwarves in order to gather much needed supplies for their home. As you trek through the tunnels, you will encounter dangerous creatures, treasure rooms, traps, and much more. Collect more resources as you complete levels and earn stars, which are used to determine your level of expertise in the game.

Like all the other Dwarf Gambling Strategy games, Dwarfs Gone Wild has its own unique set of rules. The in-game mechanics of the game follow the same rules of traditional slots where players place their bids by bidding one of three dice, depending on whether they choose a single, double, or triple spin on a single feature, a double spin on a double feature, or a triple spin on a triple feature. There are two types of Dwarfs that players can choose from: the friendly variety, which includes friendly faces including the friendly frog and his mischievous rodent pal; and the evil variety, which includes the evil gnome and his band of scheming dwarves. Each of the Dwarf characters has a set of skills and attributes that they can use to earn coins and points in the game. These skills include climbing, hitting, enchanting, dancing, and mining.

To play the game, you start off by choosing one of three dwarfs to represent you on your side in the game. Then, you choose a variety of different playing speeds to determine how fast you go through the playing mechanisms. The two types of speeds in the game include Normal and Hard, which determine the number of times you turn over tiles and the number of turns your Dwarf takes during the game. After all of the tiles are turned over, if you have any unused tiles that you would like to keep, you can use a “reel” to multiply your number of turns by three. Once all of the tiles have been turned over, you then get to see what will happen with your Dwarf.