Gold Factory


Gold Factory is a poker room simulator that offers players the chance to play free casino games online. It is a popular flash game for those who like to play online poker and other casino games. It has the following features:

Volatility: Low. The Gold Factory slot machines offers players the opportunity to win real cash and get gifts in the form of coins, cash prizes, gift certificates, and gift cards. This multi-level bonus game has an average payout rate of about 40%. However, it can also be very volatile, with high payouts happening occasionally.

Number of game reels: Five. The Gold Factory is one of the few online slots machines that offers more than five reels. The good thing about having more than five reels is that there is always a slot with both the regular and special pays. This allows players to diversify their bets depending on which game reel they are most interested in.. Like all slot machines, the game is designed to allow players to rotate their bets between regular games and combination games. However, the real attraction here is the opportunity to rotate your bets between one hundred fifty paylines. Completing all one hundred fifty paylines in a game of Golden Factory guarantees that you will get your full twenty-four points that you earned in a single game.