Hexaline Review – Microgaming Casino Online Game

Hexaline is a slot game where the symbols on the reels come in five different colors. Each of these hexagrams has a different value, depending on your bet. While the paytable only shows the value of a single hexagram, it is possible to win big by forming long, complex combinations. Here is a look at how the game works. Read on to learn more.

Hexaline Slots is played on a game board with five hexagons. It doesn’t have paylines, instead, winning combinations are based on matching hexagon groups. The game is also characterized by the inclusion of complimentary music that plays when winning combinations are created. The game also has a wild card, which is a pink and white hexagon that can substitute for all other symbols. This wild symbol will award you with the highest prize if you get it on any of the five reels.

Hexaline features a sleek design. It features the paytable and game rules on both sides of the screen, along with a command bar at the bottom. The game itself looks a little different from other slot games, but it stands out positively from the crowd and provides a unique gaming experience. So, if you’re looking for an original, fun slot game, give Hexaline a try! We guarantee you won’t regret it!